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Marine Insurance

HSM’s comprehensive Marine Insurance will give you peace of mind while you are out on the water and when your boat is moored.

The yachting world is always changing, and so is marine insurance.  Do you know if your policy is still the most comprehensive and competitive?  We can help you find out, at no cost and no obligation.

HSM insurance offers boat owners in beautiful British Columbia a variety of protection from the risks of owning, operating and even towing your boat for repairs.

Our specialized coverages for your boat include yacht insurance, jet boat insurance, fishing vessel insurance, sailboat insurance, ski boat insurance and much much more.

Because we understand the changing marketplace and the special requirements of the boat owner and marine professional, we can customize an affordable boat insurance policy specific to cover all of your and your family’s needs.

Our policies can cover:

  • sinking
  • standing
  • collision
  • liability
  • contents
  • fire
  • liability coverage for water sports
  • jet skis
  • high performance boats

(Download request for information for yachts)

Looking for insurance for your boat, sailboat, or other marine pleasurecraft?

Marine Insurance