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Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Hendry Swinton McKenzie Insurance is proud to introduce our Directors and Officers Liability Insurance program.  This specific product has become a success story for HSM, and you should be aware of the peace of mind and protection it offers.

Our success in providing this coverage for our many clients stems for our product expertise, our ability to have exclusions removed, then having additional coverages added.  In most cases there are no additional premiums charged for these value added features.

Directors and Officers liability lawsuits tend to be low-frequency but high-severity events. With D&O lawsuit costs escalating, a private company could see a significant effect on their financial performance, should it become the object of a regulatory action or lawsuit brought by partners, investors, shareholders, vendors or even competitors.

Companies are subject to the exposure of alleged wrongdoings, mismanagement, misrepresentation; these allegations that can lead to real, and nuisance, defence costs, and the potential for significant settlement payments.

Who can sue you? Shareholders, Employees, Customers, Competitors

Shareholders … for Financial Performance, Inadequate Disclosure, Mergers & Acquisitions

Employees … for Contract, Tort & Statutory Claims

Customers … for Debt Collection, Perceived Deceptive Practices, Contract Dispute

Competitors … for Antitrust, Copyright Infringement, Defamation

With the unpredictable environment in which boards operate, and with the more aggressive stance taken by plaintiff attorneys, businesses and organizations need a superior protection for their Directors and Officers.

Professionals from every industry spend years attaining their expert status and reputation. A Director or an Officer of a profit driven organization delivers skilled services and offers specialized advice, demanding the highest possible standards.

Management Liability is an integral part of any risk management program – and with our policy we can provide you with specialized insurance products. Our underwriters provide an extensive network of legal counsel and experts skilled in loss prevention and the defence of professionals.

The costs to defend and potentially pay settlements should be considered in the context of the cash flow and margins of the affected business.  The importance of the company’s cash flow with respect to the livelihoods of the employees and the owners should be considered as well.

We would be pleased to discuss this coverage with you.  Feel free to contact John Gendur (250.940.9405 – or any of our other commercial brokers at 250.388.5555 ( ).



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Directors and Officers Insurance from HSM Insurance